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Data reduction speed
Here in the following link, I put the test result of the running time for current data reduction routine used for powder diffraction data reduction,

It will be very nice if you can take a look at your instrument and give feedback in current thread.

You can just log in with your UCAMS to post.

To vote, put down your instrument name followed by your vote, like this ('+1' means it looks good, '-1' means you are expected shorter running time and so you need to give your expected running time),

N.B. I know that the actual running time really depends on the samples and data involved in the reduction. In the link above, I put down all the files I have been using for getting the running time result, so we can use them as the reference for the discussion and voting.

HB2A: +1
HB2A: -1, [My expected running time]

HB2C: +1
HB2C: -1, [My expected running time]

NOMAD: -1, [My expected running time]

POWGEN: -1, [My expected running time]

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